Major Achievements

A personal reflection of an era in the development of respiratory medicine.  By Earle B. Weiss, M.D. May- 2009

Introduction and Pioneering studies of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation in the Acute Respiratory Failure of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders. 

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  1.  Arterial Blood gas profiles, 'Cross Over Asthma Point' in acute, severe Asthma. Highlighted the very critical phase in the evolution of severe asthma for therapeutic intervention potential.
  2. Quantitative methods for recording breath sounds- early studies stimulated renewed interest in this area.
  3. Role of Calcium and Oxygen Toxic Products in inciting asthma and fundamental to basic airways reactivity. ("Defect in Calcium Homeostasis and Bronchial Hyperactivity: The Ca++ hypothesis of asthma that suggests that an altered control of cellular Ca++ influx and/or release may be the biochemical basis of all forms of asthma. This is rather similar to the situation found in hypertension, in which the reactivity of vascular smooth muscle could be explained by an altered control of Ca++ movements. Weiss reported an increased sensitivity to extracellular Ca++ in airway smooth muscles following in vitro anaphylaxis in guinea pig with resultant increase in muscle tone [107]. This indicates that, following immunogenic activation, there is an acquired defect in Ca++ homeostasis leading to airway hyperactivity. - Calcium Channel Blockers and Asthma -- Lung (1986) 164:1-16")
  4. Clinical Symposia and The Ciba Collection THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM; ANATOMY SECTIONS AND BRONCHIAL ASTHMA with Dr. Frank Netter.
  5. Advanced the scientific data for use of percutaneous needle biopsy in the diagnosis of (opportunistic) respiratory infections.
  6. Organized and served as General Chairman: First Scientific International Symposium of the Massachusetts Thoracic Society: STATUS ASTHMATICS.
  7. Established (with Dr. L. Kettle) the first Clinical Assembly Section of the American Thoracic Society- A distinct scientific division of The American Thoracic Society (ATS) devoted exclusively to emphasize clinical respiratory issues- 1971- This Assembly has been a permanent component of ATS since that time and the major section of The Society.
  8. Textbook” BRONCHIAL ASTHMA: MECHANISMS AND THERAPEUTICS, In three editions this text was the major resource for basic researchers and clinicians in the United States as well as Internationally over a period of about 40 years.
  9. Status Asthmaticus Symposium Textbook: Published in 1978 was the only book devoted to the severe state of intractable asthma.
  10. Chairman and Organizer of the first Medical Devices Committee of The American Thoracic Society 1972-1975. Set standards for pulmonary function and lung physiology testing in laboratories and intensive care units. This committee also was integrated into a FDA advisory panel encompassing Respiratory Device Standards 1973-1975.